Tourism businesses from 21 African countries and 12 African tourism authorities have already confirmed their attendance at the largest global travel trade show for the continent, and there is still time to register.

“Tourism in Africa is growing – it’s a sunrise sector for many African countries, and this is reflected in the wider range of exhibitors we are seeing at the show each year, “says Sisa Ntshona the CEO of SA Tourism and organisers of Africa’s Travel Indaba. African countries are taking tourism seriously based on 2017 figures which show that 8.1% of Africa’s total GDP was generated from the sector (USD 177 billion). Tourism is also driving job creation in Africa with an estimated 6.5% of all employment on the continent is in the sector. These figures are based on Africa currently attracting just 5% of global travellers.

South African Tourism has a vested interest in collaborating and partnering with other countries to create desire and demand for Africa and is part of the 5 in 5 country strategy for growth. “The future success of tourism as an economic driver depends on the presence of policies and continental strategies for trade and investment that meet the needs of the sector and an overall business environment that is conducive to growth. It depends too on the abilities of all players from across the continent to meet, engage and support initiatives and the three-day Africa’s Travel Indaba is one of the key places to start that conversation,” says Ntshona.  “There is no reason why the continent cannot double its share of the global tourism market in the next decade with a collaborative approach to the destination.”

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African country products confirmed for this year include established tourism players as well as developing destinations such as the Central African Republic, Sudan and the DRC. The organising team for Africa’s Travel Indaba is working to secure further countries and are happy to negotiate to support the attendance of more products and representatives from the continent.

To register for Africa’s Travel Indaba 2018, please visit

Remember to log onto the diary system as soon as possible to secure appointments with exhibitors.


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